Photo Gallery of Agustín Yáñez Delgadillo

Photo Collection

Banderas de Provincia: Agustín Yáñez with the members of the publication Banderas de Provincia.
Pregón de San Isidro: Agustín Yáñez reading the Pregón that starts the fiestas de San Isidro in the Plaza de España in Madrid.
Photo with Octavio Paz: Agustín Yáñez with Octavio Paz.
Photo with President Lopez Mateos: Agustín Yáñez when he was an advisor of President Adolfo López Mateos.
Photo with President Ruiz Cortines: Agustín Yáñez when he was governor of the state of Jalisco, with President Adolfo Ruiz Cortines.
Commencent as governor of Jalisco: Agustín Yáñez in his commencemente ceremony as governor of Jalisco, in the picture with President Ruiz Cortines and his wife, Doña Olivia.
Legion of Honor: Agustín Yáñez receiving the French Legion of Honor.
Rufino Tamayo and José Luis Martínez: Agustín Yáñez with Rufino Tamayo and José Luis Martínez, while being Minister of Public Education.

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